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Actions Steps for Business Startups

Friday, June 19 recently published an article called, 7 Essential Startup Steps. For the most part, this article did a good job of pointing out steps that an entrepreneur should take before starting or even buying a business or franchise to provide a greater likelihood of success. They suggested that one:

· Do more research on their industry / market
· Develop a strong capital strategy (small business financing)
· Hire an experienced business attorney
· Find a qualified tax professional
· Choose the right business entity
· Create a strong name
· Apply for and obtain the proper licensing and permits

This information can be extremely helpful for entrepreneurs who are often overwhelmed in the early stages of their businesses development. Having helped more than 4,000 people fund a business through 401(k) small business investing, Guidant Financial has seen many different people go into business for themselves. We know that there is one step (though we are over generalizing it) that brings immeasurable value to a new small business or franchise owner - building a great team! This can include, but is not limited to, a business broker or franchise consultant, business attorney, tax professional and many others.

If you are evaluating whether to buy a business or franchise, and would like to meet a professional in any of these areas (or simply need financing) - call us. We will happily make an introduction!