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Attention Small Business and Franchise Owners

Wednesday, June 3
If you are a small business owner and are looking for new and innovative ways to save money - we might have something in common. Guidant is a leading provider of 401k small business financing. In addition, we are also a business filled with employees, cubicles and filing cabinets. Like most business, especially given our current economy, we continue to look for ways to save money.

The examiner recently gave us three more ideas to save including: cheap business space, bulk office supplies and…the next generation of employees? Unfortunately robots were not included...maybe next time.

Here are their big three:

1. Business Space - work from home or think about sharing an office with a company which may have extra space.
2. Supplies - buy in bulk at your neighborhood warehouse store.
3. Employees - can’t afford to hire a full or even part time employee? Look into virtual employees. There are many individuals who can help via remote location for a few hours a week.Looking for another big idea?

If your business needs money, and you see strong upside potential, you might want to think about investing some of your floundering retirement funds into your business. Maybe it can be used to purchase new equipment that is long overdue, provide growth capital for new infrastructures or expand your sales operations.

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