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Don't Sabotage Your New Business

Wednesday, June 3
Scott Halford's column, Brainy Business, was fantastic today! Found on, Scott focused on How to Avoid Self-Sabotage. He points out three very great points to consider:

  • Avoid the "yes but..." trap. Instead, try using "yes and" so that you're additive to the idea process, not a detractor. You'll create barriers for yourself if you allow "yes but" to infect ideas.

  • Create separate from evaluation. Brainstorm ideas free from evalution will allow creativity to flow. You can always go back later and try to evaluate whether it's valid or not.

  • Think first, speak second. If you verbalize a negative's more likely to become true (even if it's not in the first place).

We found this article very interesting because many individuals talk themselves out of starting a business or franchise because they act emotionally rather than logically about the decision. In addition, some of the greatest ideas never get off the ground because they are evaluated too quickly.

So what is the real lesson? Let your steak marinate for a few days before you cook it.