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5 Steps to Franchise Ownership - Guidant Webinar Series

Thursday, November 12
In the past few years our country has seen more than 6 million American jobs lost and unemployment rates rise to more than 10%. After the recession in the early 90’s it took an entire year for unemployment rates to peak. If this trend holds true, unemployment rates could continue to rise until the end of 2010 or early 2011. For this reason, we created 5-Steps to Franchise Ownership to help individuals investigate self-employment opportunities.

Guidant has brought together subject-matter experts from the franchising industry to create a webinar series called 5-Steps to Franchise Ownership. “Each expert plays a pivotal role in helping individuals start, acquire, fund and grow a franchise,” says Guidant cofounder David Nilssen. Brian Miller, President of The Entrepreneur’s Source; Jack Santaniello, a partner in the law firm of Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP; Reg Byrd of Direct Connect Ventures; Lori Block, a widely recognized franchise executive; and Nilssen will serve as presenters in their field of expertise.

5-Steps to Franchise Ownership begins on November 17th and will include a free, weekly webinar to the public, culminating in a final presentation scheduled for December 15th. The purpose of this series is to provide individuals with the information needed to determine whether franchising is right for them. This includes, but is not limited to, finding a franchise, franchise financing, and building a strong business plan.

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