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Follow Your Dreams to Become an Entrepreneur and Leave the Job Market Behind

Friday, December 11
The dismal economy has left many individuals without jobs due to layoffs, downsizing, right-sizing or whatever they are calling it these days. Even the companies that are hiring have the advantage of choosing from a wide range of qualified candidates resulting in lower wages and salaries. Economists project that by the year 2010, one of every 10 workers in the U.S. will be without a job. Unemployment is at nearly 10 percent of the workforce. With these limited options, many individuals are leaving the uncertainty of the job market and striking out on their own as an entrepreneur.

According to 2006 Nobel Prize winner in economics, Edmund Phelps, it may take up to 15 years for families to recover to their pre-recession wealth. I don’t know about your situation; however, many individuals just don’t have that kind of time on their side. And the job losses keep rolling in each month. Economists are speculating that job losses for July 2009 will send another 328,000 workers to the unemployment lines. That will bring the total job losses to 6.8 million from December 2007 to the present.

There’s Good News with the Guidant 401(k) Plan
If you’ve always lamented “if I could do things over again, I’d become an entrepreneur” then this may be the ideal time to realize your dreams. At Guidant, we specialize in helping new entrepreneurs obtain small business capital to get them started on the right foot. With the Guidant 401(k) Plan, we can assist you in funding your new business without having to make loan payments every month. You can even draw a reasonable salary from the enterprise with the savings.

The Guidant 401(k) Plan allows entrepreneurs to access their 401(k), self-directed IRA, or other retirement holdings and invest it in their own business. We want to stress that this is an investment and not a withdrawal. There are no early-withdrawal taxes or penalties due; it’s simply a self-directed retirement plan that invests in the shares of your new company.

Entrepreneurs are a special breed of businessmen. They have confidence in themselves and their abilities. Problems are just little bumps along the road and they are confident of overcoming any challenge. Entrepreneurs don’t sit around waiting for the economy to recover; they take action to boost their personal economy. They become part of the economic solution and not wallow in the problems. If this sounds like you then becoming an entrepreneur has likely always been your dream.

Let a Guidant representative walk you through your small business financing options for becoming an entrepreneur. The Guidant 401(k) Plan for small business investing is an ideal option for aspiring entrepreneurs. Leave the job market behind and embark on a new path of owning your own business.