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Small Business Owners Want ACTION, Not Opportunity for REACTION

Monday, December 7
The “Forum on Jobs and Ecomonic Growth” scheduled for Thursday December 3 is already receiving criticism from small business owners who feel that these forums are nothing more than propaganda parades for the Obama administration (see Obama Jobs Forum Angers Small Business Groups).

Per the Huffington Post, many small business groups have been voicing their concern over the scheduled forum and its perceived goal of encouraging positive public opinion of the stimulus plan, and not the goal of creating new jobs.

The American Small Business League (ASBL) maintains that to help the economy, President Obama should make good on his promise to redirect government projects to small business and “end the diversion of federal small business contracts to corporate giants," as was said by Obama during his 2008 presidential campaign.

These forums, it appears, are only souring the relationship the current administration has with small business owners. Many groups believe that energy should be spent on creating new policies to encourage small business involvement in government projects.

With billions of dollars still left to be allocated in the stimulus package, it could be argued that a portion of those funds would be well invested in encouraging small business. Especially since small business accounts for a majority of private-sector jobs in America (see SCORE) .

As a company that takes pride in its clients and their entrepreneurial spirit, we are a bit biased. We would like to believe that the government can have the same can-do attitude as so many Americans who go into business for themselves every day. Why not take a chance and shake things up? Why not make an effort to focus more on small business? What could it hurt?

Your thoughts?