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2010: The Year of the Entrepreneur

Tuesday, February 9

2010 will be the year of the entrepreneur. We are so confident that this will be the case that our cofounder David Nilssen has announced this affirmation to the entire world. Literally.

In a recent press release, Nilssen announced to the gossip engine that is the US Media that 2010 will be the year that American small business owners become the next Great American Hero.

Not only is this because so many big business are failing (or have already failed), but because so many key indicators are pointing toward a more friendly landscape for the small business owner in 2010.

To read more about why 2010 will be a year to remember – a year that we tell our kids and grandkids that American small business had a victorious revival, click here. Still not convinced you need to click the link? Well, here are some teasers from David’s top ten entrepreneurs and small business owners will be the US’s ticket out of a recession:

10. The jobless recovery will continue to be slow, and jobless.

9. Small service businesses have the advantage of being able to rely on “local marketing.”

8. Small businesses will start spending money again – and they know how to spend it smartly.

7. Growth in the 401(k) Small Business Investing industry will continue (P.S. Since this is our particular area of expertise, we thought we’d add some more info on this: Did you know that the Guidant 401(k) category of our business has grown 1,250% since 2005? Woah. That’s a lot.)

6. SaaS and Managed Services will give small companies the ability to compete with the big boys.

5. The government has created a secondary market for loans to small businesses, TARP funds.

4. Big lay-offs in 2008-09 will leave large service gaps in bigger companies that will need to be filled by an outside source.

3. While interest rates for small business loans will increase, more opportunities to acquire funding are available - with retirement fund financing being key.

2. Experienced and well-educated professionals will move their retirement funds out of the Wall Street roller-coaster and invest their retirement savings into themselves.

1. A record number of new small businesses will be started in 2010.

Wanna read it now? Here’s the link again.