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New Franchising Website Joins Forces with Funding Provider to Provide More Education to You

Tuesday, February 23

As any prospective business owner can tell you, discovery is in the first step in any process – and especially in finding the right franchise. The problem? There’s just not a lot of information out there. And the information that is there isn’t complete (or at least it doesn’t seem that way). Click here to check out the full story!

Come in: While there are several websites dedicated to helping you find the right franchise for you, all of them are plagued by the same problem that faces any online retailer: how does the buyer know what they are really getting?

This is the problem that CEO Mark Kieckenapp decided to solve with This new website uses video as a way to show prospective buyers what they are really being offered. And, so far the idea is taking hold. Many online retailers have started adding video of their clothing and other accessories walking down the runway as a part of the same effort to decrease hesitancy and increase sales.

What many clothing merchants don’t fact that does, though, is the financing dilemma. While a MasterCard will typically cover the cost of a new suit, it most likely won’t cover the fees associated with purchasing and starting a franchise.

Come in: Guidant Financial Group. “In partnering with we will be able to deliver educational content to their visitors and provide them with an understanding of how the different financing options available to them,” explains Guidant Cofounder David Nilssen.

With the economy in the midst of a jobless recovery, Nilssen believes that providing prospective entrepreneurs with the resources they need to realistically consider self-employment can lead to a resuscitation of American small business.

“While asset values have come back, consumer confidence is up, and the economy is turning a corner, both rising unemployment and a credit crisis continue to affect us,” explains Nilssen. “There are millions of Americans who could pursue self-employment but who don’t understand how to get started, or how they might finance a franchise.”

Kieckenapp explains that he chose Guidant Financial Group as the site’s exclusive financing partner because they are the leading provider of franchise financing services in the country. “While there are many companies that provide a service,” he says, “Guidant is one of the few that offers an array of franchise financing solutions through the industry’s most experienced team of consultants.”